[뉴스] ERP Software Sales to Grow in 2011


ERP Software Sales to Grow in 2011, Part of Larger Worldwide Enterprise Software Upswing

Good news for the ERP software market: Gartner projects growth to increase in 2012, with revenue forecasted to reach
$288 billion.

Indian industry journal Deccan Herald quoted Joanne Correia, managing vice president at Gartner, saying the market
for enterprise software “continues to recover well following the 2009 downturn, with signs of ongoing growth on the
horizon... Economic recovery is evident across all regions, although concerns have arisen in some countries in Europe
and Asia.”

In fact, things are looking pretty good for worldwide enterprise application software spending. Across the oard,
it’s forecasted to total $114.4 billion in 2011, a 10.2 percent increase from 2010 spending of $103.8 billion, Gartner

Breaking down those figures, Gartner officials said ERP is the largest segment within the enterprise application software
market -- “ERP revenue is expected to reach $23.3 billion, followed by office suites with $15.7 million.”

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