[Microsoft] Microsoft Extends Dynamics AX for Retailers


■ App-spanning ERP system gains new interfaces, new workflows and a broader geographic footprint.

Microsoft announced Dynamics AX for Retail R2 on Tuesday, a significant upgrade of a specialized ERP platform

introduced only last August. The update adds role-specific interfaces and workflows and support for additional

languages and currencies that will extend the platform to 50 countries, up from 16 previously.

The Key appeal of Dynamics AX for Retail is the breadth of its capabilities, which include point-of-sale, store anagement,
supply chain, merchandising and financials.

By doing away with the integration work that would otherwise be required to knit together what are typically separate
applications, AX ensures a more responsive and connected retail enterprise, according to Microsoft.

"It's obviously very expensive to integrate disparate applications, but more importantly it's time-consuming and  difficult
make changes," said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Retailers have to be responsive in today's competitive retail environment, Read said; AX integration helps them be more agile.
Because AX point-of-sale (POS) capabilities are connected to the back-office, for example, you could have a headquarters
promotion decision that would not only alter pricing, it could also modify the layout and rompts at POS terminals across stores
with just a few clicks.