[Microsoft] More Dynamics ERP Partners Look for Ways to Bring Dynamics Data to the iPad


Microsoft Partner Sikich LLP, a public accounting and consulting firm, is hoping to get in on the buzz surrounding
Apple Inc.'s iPad by offering customers a solution to run Microsoft Dynamics ERP on their iPads.

"Lately, it is rare that I go into a meeting and someone doesn't pull out his iPad," said Sikich partner Jim Drumm
in a blog post. "Apple's iPad is stirring up a lot of enterprise interest... Many of our Microsoft Dynamics ERP clients
have expressed an interest in extending their Microsoft Dynamics investment by running it on their iPads."

It appears that Drumm is correct in his assessment of the business uses for the iPad.

In fact, according to user responses at this week's Dynamics AX User Group Summit 2010, the Apple iPad is taking
the Microsoft Dynamics universe by storm.

In a presentation on "Dynamics AX and the iPad," nearly half...

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